International Road Transport Specialist


•Having received the shipping orders from the sales office, they are able to prepare the optimal distribution flow in order to process shipments, also taking care of the organization being in compliance with the set deadlines.

• Assigns delivery tasks to the various Carriers, Logistics Operators and Freight Forwarders.

• Provides the order fulfillment lists to the distribution warehouses (internal and external) and defines the daily load plan necessary for the management of set-up priorities.

• Interfaces daily with Carriers, Logistics Operators and Freight Forwarders and checks the progress of the loading plan, highlighting and managing any critical issues.

• They deal with national and international shipments (EU, and extra CEE) ensuring, in collaboration with the distribution warehouses, the correct preparation, highlighting commercial requests and making sure that the correct accompanying documentation is produced.

• In support of the commercial office, it follows customs operations and services and ensures that the related obligations are carried out in compliance with current regulations.

• Collaborating with other functions to be able to efficiently complete both the loading of the goods and the shipment of the same.

• Keeping up-to-date and shares with colleagues the specific technical sheets for setting up loads to foreign countries, takes care of compliance with the timing for goods sent to external subcontractors who have to carry out labeling and/or special requests carried out in the sales order.

• Following the complete fulfillment of the order, it deals with the management of correspondence and daily communication with international customers, ensuring timely support in the event of problems and the resolution of the problems themselves. It also informs the sales office on the progress of the shipment.

• Is responsible for identifying and reporting any inefficiencies with carriers and managing them by proposing suitable solutions and doing so in compliance with company procedures.

• Organize shipments based on internal and external stocks, evaluating order fulfillment based on the expiry of the goods and regulations/customers, proposing them and taking an active part in the insertion and reporting to the competent bodies.

• Follows shipments, monitors the timing of deliveries/arrival of goods and ensures that they are managed with a focus on costs with the aim of handling products only for what is strictly necessary.

• Report inefficiencies of logistic partners, collaborating and proposing improvement solutions.

• Periodically carries out the analysis of the transport KPIs, draws up ad hoc reports, participating in defining the most appropriate choices to meet the business requirements.



• Knowledge of planning of international road transport and intermodal transport.

• Excellent knowledge of English, second language (French) is a plus.

• Excellent knowledge of the main IT tools (Excel, Powerpoint, management software for order processing, tools for transport planning and scheduling).

• Degree in technical-scientific disciplines, preferably in Management Engineering.

• Knowledge of national / international shipping regulations and customs services.



• Excellent communication skills.

• Strong collaboration and team work skills.

• High reliability and punctuality.

• Excellent skills in managing emotions.

• Ability to plan, manage times and priorities.

• Sensitivity to costs.

• Flexible in changing priorities.

• Proactivity and problem solving skills.



Job Location: Parma, Italy

Business unit